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Earn gift cards and travel to Spain - You decide where to go

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Travel gift card at 1 sale
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How does it work?

  1. Referral

    Refer either a property seller or a possible buyer to

  2. Purchase or sale

    When we make a sale based on your referral, you can release your gift card.

  3. Release gift card

    Release your travel gift card - You decide where to go.

Ambassador gifts

We offer the following referral gift cards to our ambassadors:

Earn travel gift cards up to €4,000

As ambassador at you decide how much you want to earn. We reward our ambassadors according to how many new buyers and sellers they refer to us.

You will receive the money on a travel gift card, so you can always come to Spain when it suits you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today and sign up immediately for our ambassador program and start referring sellers and buyers to

Become an ambassador

Good ambassadors are appreciated

The more customers (buyers and sellers) you refer to, the more you earn to travel for.

Become an ambassador

Earn travel gift cards to Spain

* Terms of participation

In order to participate in's ambassador program, the referrer must be affiliated with with an ambassador's ID. All referrals made on the basis of, or with reference to, a Ambassador ID, are entitled to join the ambassador's program.

The Ambassador will receive an email for every new customer (buyer or seller) who is registered with the Ambassador. The ambassador will receive another mail when the purchase or sale has been completed and has received the full salary (Notary date). From this point onwards, the Ambassador has earned 1 lot, which can be redeemed for a gift card from

New referrals automatically renew existing, valid and unused gift cards for another 6 months. Four lots can therefore be earned up to a maximum of 24 months.

The Ambassador may choose to redeem one or more lots for gift cards. If an ambassador chooses to redeem his lots, they are consumed and the ambassador's account is reset. reserves the right to cancel or change the ambassador program with 1-week notice. reserves the right, for no reason, to reject applications for ambassadors. In case of suspicion of fraud, speculation or other fraudulent conduct, reserves the right to, without notice, for no reason to cancel and cancel ambassadors.

Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or other services. Participation in the ambassador program is personal. It is free to participate and you can always unsubscribe by contacting

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